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Comments about this video:
Why cant boys wear skirts? What is so wrong with it? It is so easy for us girls, I wouldnt want heavy trousers in warm weather. If they ban shorts, then lets have equality, let the boys wear skirts. I think they look cute.The American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association both insist that skirts on males = "cross-dressing." Of course, they said women in pants were under "permanent mental hallucination" (NY Times, 5/27/1876, p6) and in 1943 a Chicago judge Jacob Braude ordered Evelyn Bross to see a psychiatrist for 6 months due to her wearing pants. In 1958 psychologist Horace English was still raving about women in pants, as was the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry in 1981.
I can show you psychologist/behaviorist females who bitch like ripped off con men that women used to have to wear skirts, then if a man wants to wear this style women have now mostly abandoned, these same psychologist females rave like sow bears with cubs about "cross-dressing, transvestic, fetishistic males," including men with facial hair, no bra, no padded hips, and presenting as men. Saving skirts for females only gives them power over men, that's what it's about, I've met these types.
I can show you psychologist/behaviorist females who bitch like ripped off con men that women used to have to wear skirts, then if a man wants to wear this style women have now mostly abandoned, these same psychologist females rave like sow bears with cubs about "cross-dressing, transvestic, fetishistic males," including men with facial hair, no bra, no padded hips, and presenting as men. Saving skirts for females only gives them power over men, that's what it's about, I've met these types.
Absolutely nothing wrong with males wearing skirts. Maybe bans like this would be a good thing. Would be great if clothing companies started making man skirts. Should be no shame at all.

I prefer a skirt over a trousers. A skirt is a very comfortable garment to wear. They are very versatile, I can get different styles of skirt. I like kilts, kilted pleated tartan skirts, pleated tartan skirts, flare skirts which are one of my favorites. There is great freedom in a skirt. Any man who has a problem with the skirt could really ask himself, why he gets upset ???.

scots national dress is is acknowledged worldwide as a kilt of any sort not only when worn as a tartan emblem of scotland.

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you know what, islam has two billion followers today. that mean every fourth person on this earth is a muslims. I dont care if u dont want to learn anything about islam but u have to respect it.
Haha 30 degrees is cool weather here in singapore. For our practical exams to prevent wind from disturbing our experiments, we turn off the fans, close the doors and windows and play with fire in a 35 degree room.
DAMN YOU GUYS ARE SLOW AS F2 #$K don't you realize that the boys are protesting on not being able to wear shorts to school? OK they are basically saying if girls can wear skirts to school why cant we wear shorts. They are probably allowed to wear shorts now because of what they did. So this is not about them being gay lol.

You wouldn't tolerate this kind of bullshit in a company office - why tolerate it with children? Just another example of incompetent know-nothing school staff putting pointless rules of formality ahead of common sense. Why can't they wear fucking shorts?

" There will be powerful earthquakes in Russia and China soon and they will take place one after the other -Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013" Please Kindly see thewarningsecondcoming dotcom.

Another ignoramus. If you don't know what you are talking about it is best not to publicly announce your ignorance.

Jesus Christ, how very pathetic. Are they going to wear skirts if they work in an office and it gets hot?

In any case, I maintain that skirts and dresses are more suited to males anyway, for convenience reasons. I reckon these boys will back me up, is not now, then later. So would any other bloke with the balls to try it.
None of you know what the school is like I'm so glad the boys of done this because ally friends tried to get boys to wear shorts and the school refused. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-HAH! PLEASE someone tell me this is April fools joke! I can not stop laughing, a guy with things dangling down their boxers will be wearing this???? WTF! I think the principle is trolling.
Grow a pair and stand up for your rights as men, you are on the road to emasculation. They got you wearing skirts for crying out loud, what next force you to duct tape your genitalia to your leg? Clip Clip? Stand up for yourselves through non-compliance, force their hands.
Blame school for not enough protect so if ban short then just wear skirt cos it far too hot weather and need cool airflow also girls choice wear skirts, short and trousers so boys have to be equal as girls.. it important to wear cooler as skirr seem cool on guys.. i dont see anything wrong with it. I LOVE a man in a kilt, so why is this different? Maybe too if the shorts had some style it would be better. I always hated school uniform. We wanted to wear jeans, and if that's not a uniform what is?
you are pathetic, these guys are having a protest, but that wouldn’t make sense to a wannabe Roman as for a real one would have the intelligence to have proper conversation about how in fact with acceptance of equality propagate the realization of duality in a person man does have female hormones as a unborn fetus you are first formed a girl than is being decided to grow you in a man. And for the species to survive man does need some female inside or no cooperation would be possible.

you dumb pathetic. YouTube people don't even understand fucking YouTube gives you only 500 spaces to tell yall a fucking joke whish has no room for punctuation.

Appalling indeed. Just as disgusting as women wearing pants. I just can't stand it. Honestly, whoever decided to enforce that men and boys can't wear skirts should be shot. If you pick a man and a woman who never heard of cultural "norms" or gender stereotypes, put them naked in front of a skirt and a pair of pants, it's pretty obvious which one will choose what. It's not about "feminization", it's about comfort.
You're fucking pathetic if you would think people like that if you just judge them by what they wear. If a women wears boy clothes, would she be called a lesbian in your mind? What is so wrong with boys and men wearing skirts? There are worse things than that, and you are a close minded bigot who is just another homophobic person. You're the fucking pathetic person. There is absolutely wrong with a boy or man wearing a skirt. I wear kilts, kilted pleated skirts, pleated tartan skirts, flare skirts (which men and women can wear), and leather skirts. I got leather skirts made for my own specification. I actually prefer a skirt over a trousers. Much more comfortable.I am with you braddah. Samoan Men wear skirts called Lava-Lava. Japanese Men wear a skirt called Hakama. There are people that are very narrow minded.
It's funny that Legionarius Augustus profile picture shows a Roman Soldier. I believe the Romans wore skirts!

Shouldn't you change your user name? The Romans wore skirts/robes and sent men in pants into exile in AD393 by edict of Theodosius I. I wish you could have told Maximinus Thrax he was feminized due to his SKIRT, he was the tallest and largest head of state in history at 8 feet 6 inches and overcame the pull of a chariot team. By the way, where is your corresponding concern over "the continuing masculinization of girls and women" because they now overwhelmingly no longer wear skirts/dresses?
UNLIMITED INTERNET, UNLIMITED UK TEXTS, 250 MINUTES FOR JUST £12 WITH GIFFGAFF, FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW AND ORDER A SIM FROM THIS PAGE! giffgaff DOT com/orders/affiliate/shipon786 Replace The DOT With. When Typing In Address Bar!my school says that BOYS may wear shorts or calf length tailored shorts but girls must wear skirts my uniform is a black polo shirt and black bottoms in this weather they must be kidding i have never owned a skirt in my life well since i was in primary school so im going to buy black shorts just to piss of my school.
if you look at old school pictures from a decade ago school uniforms always used to have shorts so why is it suddenly banned?

September 22, 2013. Free Ball Busting - (

Buy Free Ball Busting from Reliable China Free Ball Busting

September 17, 2013. Free Ball Skirt Pattern With Cheap Wholesale Prices Online Sale ( -Pattern.html)

Products 1 30 of 7367 Free Ball Skirt Pattern at wholesale prices, Our website has the Casual Irregular Pattern and Zipper Design Men's DetachableBaseball

September 15, 2013. Freeballers Forum: My freeballing kid - Network54 ( 4868/My%2Bfreeballing%2Bkid)

In my HS freeballing was pretty common among the guys. Girl's wear short skirts, but learn not to display themselves or their panties.

September 5, 2013. FAQ - - Freeballing also known as Going Commando: practiced by (

there are many reasons men and women choose to freeball: when wearing shorts or skirts/dresses in warmer weather or when playign sports, sweat dries alot

September 7, 2013. Shut Up + Run: Go Girl Sport Running Skirt Review ( unning-skirt-review.html)

1 Dec 2010 That is why all men reading this need to get a kilt. And, you know the rule: no underwear with a kilt, so it is free balling all the way. See how that

September 14, 2013. Freeballing... - The Real Faces of Death Pictures and Videos ( ing-66221/)

I been freeballing for years, come and sniff my gear. wait a minuet wet? Dont you guys shake it or wipe it or something!

September 19, 2013. Ladies and Gents: Girl does not wear underwear [Archive] - AskMen (

I could never free ball as my boys need a house. irritating to the area and don't wear skirts often, but other gals feel differently. Seriously, a woman who advertises that she goes commando 24/7... well, it's up to you men.

September 11, 2013. Newest Free Ball Licking Up-skirt Porn Videos ( up-skirt)

Bringing you endless viewing of Ball Licking Up skirt porn tube movies with over 18:56 Ball Licking Up skirtBig Booty Gal Sucks A Man's Dick Then Rides It22

September 18, 2013. going commando - aka freeballing - Page 2 : British Expat ( D10584386)

Yes but not if the skirt is tight :) Page 2. if you're wearing a skirt there's always the possibility of gustage, revealing LOVE a man in a kilt.

September 8, 2013. ICP (INSANE CLOWN POSSE) LYRICS - Juggalo Island - A-Z Lyrics ( juggaloisland.html)

What if... we had our own island, man? (Let's trip in the sun baby) I got my toes in the sand, watching hoes play volleyball. It's summertime and I'm feeling jolly y'

September 9, 2013. freeballing | (

12 Mar 2011 Posts about freeballing written by Worf's Baby Mama. There were some men and they all looked some kind of Asian. When they asked to sit down, I scooted over I have a skirt on so I couldn't exactly straddle it. If anybody

September 2, 2013. Freeballing Sports Guys in feeds - Feedreader Lookup ( s)

southhallspsu: hotnaked8: Freeballing Hot guy, awesome build. #girls#spring #softball#softballproblem#fashion#skirts#dresses#athlete#sport#guys#

September 10, 2013. Urban Dictionary: Free Flap ( Free%2520Flap)

"Flap" meaning part of clitoris. Like "Free Ball" for men. When girls wear boxers/ shorts/pants/skirt with no underwear beneath them. It's the same as when a guy

September 21, 2013. Freeballing, Remove underwear - YouTube (

30 Dec 2010 Remove Skirts with Photoshop CS4by jonyhung 527,973 views · 2:49 BIKKEMBERGS Men's Underwear Catwalk @ Galeries Lafayette

Comments about this video:

September 20, 2013. Schoolboys wear skirts after shorts ban - YouTube (

15 Jul 2013 The boys defended their decision to wear skirts saying: "It's cooled us down quite alot, if we wore trousers in class it would affect us, getting What is so wrong with boys and men wearing skirts? Ryan Freeball 1 week ago.

September 4, 2013. going commando - (

Also known as freeballing, in the male case. To put it bluntly, the physics of pants/skirts can produce a highly disconcerting effect, wherein your precious

September 27, 2013. Men in Skirts C&C welcome - The Photo Forum ( nners-forum/219242-men-skirts-c-c-welcome.html)

and please, they are not SKIRTS! Gripped D90 | D1x If it was a skirt I would be wearing underwear" The OOF is guys freeballing skirts.

September 3, 2013. How To Wear a Skirt in New York Like a Lady, God Damn It - Blogs ( how_to_wear_a_skirt_like_a_lady.php)

12 Jun 2012 Lucky for us ladies and some very brave men we get to sport these The femme form of freeballing will also keep your laundry bills low.

September 13, 2013. Those who freeball/go commando, can people tell? - Yahoo! Answers ( 21202113759AAU0ssg)

2 Dec 2012 I love when my junk shows, and I like to see other guys sporting their then watching her pouty little walk in her short skirt when she trots off for

September 26, 2013. Going commando - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (

Going commando, or free balling, male, freebuffing, female, the practice of not Normally, a long blouse or skirt is worn over the tights or leggings to prevent

September 16, 2013. manskirts? as in, skirts.. for MEN? | manshion. ( as-in-skirts-for-men/)

4 Aug 2008 Because men are now wearing skirts. only be worn ceremonially.. so no wearing kilts to work; Freeballing in a manskirt should be a crime

September 25, 2013. Gay Forums - Travel - middle eastern men and clothing/freeball (

12 Mar 2011 eastern men all freeball under their robe like clothing they wear i thi. The traditional undergarment is a wrapped skirt, updated versions

September 23, 2013. Guys Do You Like To Wear Free Ball ? - Find Answers to this Question ( ys-Do-You-Like-To-Wear-Free-Ball/542926)

Answers to the question, Guys Do You Like To Wear Free Ball ? Answers to What colours masculine Skirts do you think men boys should wear? (63 answers).

September 24, 2013. Travels with Sunbuns: Freeballing as Fashion, Lifestyle and Fetish ( fashion-lifestyle-and.html)

26 Nov 2005 Visit our Clothed Man / Naked Man Webjam (social network) and a way a woman might show cleavage or wear a mini skirt and high heels?

September 12, 2013. A Motley List of 15 Observations on Myanmar | One Way Ticket Phil ( servations-on-myanmar/)

19 Jun 2012 They do look quite comfortable, but I'm curious if they free ball it or also wear If skirts were the first thing I noticed, then betel chewing and the At first, it seemed like all the men participate, causing their teeth to rot and their

September 6, 2013. The Impatient Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant | Excerpt (

Thankfully, briefs men don't have to become boxer men (or freeball men) when the best scrotal temperatures, and thus maximum fertility, by wearing skirts.

December 4, 2013. How often do girls go commando - Topix ( R8)

Plus I like the feeling of the air on me, and the way the skirt moves because you 're not supposed to sometimes and guys always check check

December 5, 2013. You Ain't wearing Drawls...No drawls, spanks, and Lingerie Going (

17 Jan 2011 known in American slang as freeballing for men or freebuffing for women; Upskirt is a slang term usually referring to up skirt photography,

December 6, 2013. Men's Skirts | Facebook (

Men's Skirts is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Men's Skirts and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the

December 7, 2013. The World's Best Photos of bulge and freeballing - Flickr Hive Mind (,freeballing/In teresting)

Bulges (lithium1600) Tags: dick nuts balls cock bulge bul freeballing bulg Tags : gay party white men costume linen provincetown skirt. size: -. 35 freeballing bulge 24 man bums exposed controtono 23 frontal 22 muscle 21 butt male 20

December 8, 2013. Going commando: Information from (

Going commando For the video game, see Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. Going commando, or free-balling, male, freebuffing, female, [ 1 ] the practice.

December 9, 2013. Freeballing - who does it? - Bisexual / Bicurious Men Forums, Chat ( ic%3D14528)

Does anyone freeball on a regular basis? I've done I sometimes like to wear skirts and kilts, which makes freeballing feel even better. Back to

December 10, 2013. Flow Freeballer FR Snowboard Binding | ( oard-binding)

FREE 2 Day Shipping on orders over $50. Free yourself from the confines of highbacks with the Flow Freeballer FR Snowboard Binding.

December 11, 2013. going commando; hot or not? | Oakland | Yelp ( t-or-not)

6 Feb 2009 not for guys. my ex didn't wear underwear for years haha. pulling off her pants/ skirt/dress and finding that she is not wearing any panties, it is

December 12, 2013. Freeballers Forum: Male Infertility and freeballing babies ( 7915/Male%2BInfertility%2Band%2Bfreeballing%2Bbabie s.)

All my close male friends "freeball" with me being the odd one out because at Saville Row - where tailors still ask "to which side sir dresses".

December 13, 2013. Brad Pitt laughingly predicts skirts will be in fashion for men ( 6742.html)

"Men will be wearing skirts by next summer. That's my prediction and proclamation," are the curse of the metrosexual. Real men freeball it.

December 14, 2013. Free Balling - Forums - Companions ( 3Ftopic%3D10554)

When a man wears no underwear, he's free balling. be called a little chilly (I imagine) if the wind is blowing, and a woman is wearing a skirt.

December 15, 2013. > Men Who Wear Uggs ( ex.php%3Ft202969-50.html)

Why wear shorts, I bet a skirt is much more comfy? I can see it now, go to Glamis to see these men in Ugg Boots and miniskirts freeballing in

December 16, 2013. Men in Kilts- Yea or Nea | ( -in-kilts-yea-or-nea%3Fpage%3D3%26show%3Dsearch)

Her reaction was to say it wasn't normal for men to wear skirts. Never heard of leg day, but it would give an all new out look to Freeball Friday!

December 17, 2013. going commando - aka freeballing - Page 2 : British Expat ( D789292%26page%3D2)

Yes but not if the skirt is tight :) - Page 2. if you're wearing a skirt there's always the possibility of gustage, revealing LOVE a man in a kilt.

December 18, 2013. Free Ball | AnalystForum ( 27161)

How many of you guys free ball at work? KR goes commando weekly. have a clear advantage in this matter, since we can wear a skirt.

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